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I have been diagnosed with RA 8 years ago when I was 40. For years all I could afford was to go to a little town Dr. that barely charged me and gave me prednisone and pain medication. Well I have a very aggressive form of RA. I am vitamin D deficient, anemic at times, my protein levels are way off, and somehow from the RA I have developed osteoarthritis in my knees especially my right knee which has been bone on bone for 4 years!! I was going to get a knee replacement at the end if 2016 because I finally had insurance and was on Orencia for a while, which haloed, but my blood work was not good enough three times before I went into surgery. Finally, when my numbers in my blood became normal I was ready for surgery, but my family member who was going to take care of me, had to go out of town and in 2017 I list my medical insurance!! I have just been out of work long enough to apply for disability, and I was able to get my Enbrel through a program for free for a little while longer, but it is not working for my legs at all!! I can barely walk, and have no idea if I will be able to wait the disability process out without any help from a Dr. My pain is SO SO bad, I mean maddening do not wish this on anyone prednisone helps but is not good to take with Enbrel. I guess I am asking for some suggestions I have no insurance no income, and I guess what is so frustrating is that I know I could be a functioning member of society physically if I could just get a rheumatologist to watch me and monitor me, and a surgical procedure that can help me walk. I don't have to end up in a wheel chair if some way some where I can get surgery. Thank you for reading I am so frustrated and so sad. I look to God for peace and yes, I know he is able and I know he can heal me, but some reason at this time it us not happening!! Pray for me my new friends, please. I won't even go out to eat with family because I do not want to see anybody I used to know. My dignity well I don't have much anymore, and I am trying so hard to not get into victim mode. I am trying to reach out in every way I will work if people could get over how I walk. I have a bachelor's degree in social work of all things, lol!! I am in the process of applying for disability, but we all know how that can turn out and how long it takes but I am putting my trust in God if anybody knows any other way I can try to get a knee replacement please please respond thank you, and again sorry this was so long!! God bless you all you will all be in my prayers as well!!

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