My Husband’s Post Knee Replacement Infection Saga

Eight months after a seemingly smooth knee replacement surgery, my husband developed a staph aureus infection in the knee and needed to have it opened up, cleaned out, and 6 weeks of IV antibiotics followed by oral antibiotics.

We are currently 12 weeks out.

What RA medications to use after knee replacement?

The knee again seems to be good but he had to of course stop Enbrel when this happened and has been on methotrexate tablets, now injectable along with hydroxychloroquine, for six weeks and is just in agony yet.

The RA doctor said no biologic drugs like Enbrel until he’s off antibiotics, which the infectious disease doctor has mentioned a year but we are getting clarified.

The RA doctor said the methotrexate can take up to 12 weeks to kick in. When he initially was diagnosed almost 20 years ago it did help quite a bit but not like Enbrel did which virtually made him pain-free.

Managing RA without medication?

Has anyone had to stay off the meds that really helped for this long?

All I can find is 12 weeks recommended for antibiotics after this occurs but I know his RA and being immunocompromised might be the reason they are saying a year.

We are doing anything else we can think of for pain relief but nothing helps.

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