I Know I'm Young

I was originally diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 12 years old. Approximately 9 years later, I was diagnosed with RA. When the symptoms first began, we were almost positive the pain was really just post-seizure pain but my SED rate was high so my PCP wanted to make sure.

As time progressed, my arthritis only got worse. Because I had epilepsy as well, it was hard to find medicine that would be safe to take. Suddenly, the phrase "You're too young" started coming in from all directions. People wouldn't believe me or thought the doctors were wrong because I'm "only 23" and "haven't lived long enough" to have RA and OA.

Now I struggle with the overall fatigue that comes with RA and my multiple medications. Even though my case is severe, and I have other illnesses, I have an amazing support system and I'm believing for a better day.

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