You've GOT To Be Kidding Me!!

Last updated: December 2022

My ribs hurt like someone has them in a vice. Left side, not my heart.

Yes. The rib pain is indicating my former regime of leflunomide and Sulfasalazine is starting to fail.

Breakthrough pain and stiffness has crept back upon me like a phantom. But at least I'm learning how to read RA. In the beginning, I was RA illiterate.

I didn't know my foe, so it walked all over me. Meany!

How I learned to manage RA

I wised up over time. You stay in the ring long enough, you learn your opponent. Mine fights dirty. I'm sure y'all agree. RA is a bully.

I started learning mine four years into the battle. A new rheumatologist has made all the difference. I don't mourn the days I didn't hurt; one, because it's useless; two, because I've ALWAYS had leg aches, neck aches, and oddball pains; so having a reason is comforting.

This is my first day on methotrexate. Hoping it helps me for years and holds up. RA seems to adapt to medicines and resists it.

Praying that it helps and it lifts my fatigue. Yes. Pain, stiffness, FATIGUE. The Trilogy of RA. The numbness, tingling and dry eyes. Etc. Etc. Etc.

People don't always understand RA

I still use CBD to help sleep and with the pain. Sometimes it's a real drag but my personal life is better than it has ever been so that helps TREMENDOUSLY!!

My immediate family labeled me lazy and swore I was faking my pain and exaggerating my symptoms. I'm not around them anymore and that helps like a tonic.

Who knew that cleansing my life of extra stress and negativity could be such a life improvement all way around?

Chronic illness silver linings

RA freed me in a lot of ways. I put ME first for the first time, ever.

RA forces me to be good to me.

I don't love it, but we're slowly becoming frenemies, lol.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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