Letting Go

While I have minimal control over my RA, I do have the choice of changing the way I think and feel about my present life. So I’ve chosen Letting Go as my guiding force. It doesn’t change my physical pain but it is doing a lot for my emotional state.

Mental health benefits of letting go with RA

  1. Letting go of ‘stuff’ that I can no longer use. I’m slowly weeding through all the things in my home that serve no purpose. It’s turning out to be a big relief. There’s a sense of satisfaction I can’t quite explain, but it puts a smile on my face!
  2. Letting go of other’s expectations. This one is difficult but worthwhile. I’ve been working hard on a ‘no expectations, no regrets’ state of mind. “Sorry I can’t help you with that” said without any excuses, explanations or guilt. I no longer feel the need to explain to the people in my life who know about my limitations. They can accept it or not; NMP (not my problem)
    Another source of relief.
  3. Letting go of MY expectations. This one is really tough. Some squirrely part of my mind still wants to believe that all of this is temporary, even after all this time. Am I the only one with this persistent delusion? So now I let it drift through my mind, have a quiet laugh at my silly brain and let go.
  4. Letting go of plans. The only firm plans I make now are doctors and PT appointments. Everything else is now fluid. If I can I will and if I can’t then I don’t sweat it anymore (most of the time). This is a great way to find out who the real friends are, by the way.
  5. Letting go of people. Long and hard road to travel. I’ve found out (and most of you have experienced this) that some of the folk that were in my life couldn’t/wouldn’t cope with the ‘new’ me and moved out of my life. I think this hurt more than the actual RA pain. It took some work on my part to stop viewing their choices as rejection of me and start seeing them as just flawed humans unable to deal with their own limitations, let alone mine. So bless them and let go.

Feeling better with RA

For me, letting go gives me a lighter, more positive outlook on my multiple autoimmune illnesses. Not to say I’m a smiling ball of contentment, but it helps. And I’ll take anything that constructively changes my outlook, even if just for a while.

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