Life is short RA

I am a six-two female. I worked 30years in local hospital. I really miss not working. I went out in 2004 due to asthma. I had mold exposure and I became ill. I believe I had RA back then but there where so many other problems. I have noticed that a lot of us worked in hospitals. That year I got shingles of the brain. It took me a long time to come back from that. I was having pain and the doctors were doing all the test, MIR, CT SCANS. I saw a Rheumatologist before I ever got a diagnosis.
I am doing fair, now that I am MXT. A lot of the time I have to push my self but which is good for me. I am not in to exciting things. Most days I am helping my friend that has been ill. I love animals. I use to animal sit but my RD is getting worse.

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