Life with RA

Last updated: March 2015

From the age of 34 I've been living with RA... I'm now 41 and I can honestly say life has been very challenging to say the least!
The last 3 years I've spent 18 weeks of that in plaster after tendon repair on my right thumb, and 2 operations on my left thumb, CMC joint fusion the last operation just recently 4th February so I'm still in plaster! That's over 4 months of my life in plaster! This is because the early stages of being diagnosed I was in denial, I had a problem with coming to terms with the diagnosis, and I used to over do it and push myself through the pain! All because I couldn't get my head around RA I was young and very active... And it hit me very hard!!
So now I've learnt to respect the disease and listen to my doctor, been to a few RA meetings, to be with people that know what I'm going through... Listening and learning, and it's starting to help.
I hope I never have to be in plaster again!

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