When life was young and in love with all the flowers and sunshine.

I was given the death sentence of RA at the young age of 23. There was only one problem, the ER doctors forgot to tell me what was wrong and just pumped me with a shot of steroids. I found out the truth when I was 27. I am going through a massive flare up at this time and have been going thru this mess for over two weeks. My right knee is 2 times the size of what it should be and I have not found any pain meds that work. All I can do is pray that the Good Lord Come gets me soon. I cannot tolerate this awful pain too much longer. I also have this in my entire body. I am so lucky, I also have COPD, which limits my med's. Now am I not the poster child of the year. I realize that there are more people out in the world than me with even more things wrong, but I guess today is "I feel sorry for me day". It is just not a good day for me today.Tomorrow will be better, please tell me that it will. I can no longer do for myself and thank the Good Lord I have my oldest daughter here with me to help me out when need and that is everyday. I love her dearly and she hasn't a clue. I love her dearly and I sure hope she realizes that one.

She has to put up with a person with two different illness, COPD and RA. I am a fighter and so is my daughter so we make a really good team. I must say that I am so glad to have found this site. I have looked and looked until faceBook led me right to you.

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