Listening to Your Body Does Not Make You Weak

Earlier this week I made a posting on my Facebook Page, I'MPERFECTion, about the importance of listening to your body even when you have others saying...

"Everyone has Pain!"
"Everyone gets tired!"
"Mind over Matter! Listen to your mind!"


This statement holds true even for people who do not have RA. We are the only ones who know our body, how our body feels, know the different kinds of pains, and know when we really need to rest. Having RA makes this statement even more important because our body heals differently. If we push ourselves too far and end up hurting ourselves, it can put us out for a very long time and maybe even double what a person without RA would be out.

Let's take working out for example...

When building muscle and working out everyone experiences a type of pain that is beneficial because it is the pain/burn of breaking down and rebuilding muscle. There is nothing wrong with this pain and pushing out the last 2 reps is a great accomplishment for your body.


Us with RA can experience different pain, an "RA pain," that is more so in our joints because of inflammation, damage, and loss of range of motion. When experiencing these types of pains, you need to stop the activity that is causing it and find a new way of working that muscle group. This does not make you weak, it does not make you lesser than, it makes you smart! You won't be getting anywhere if you are bed ridden with an injury. It's not a race... take your time and do it properly.

Now the oh so known quote... "Mind Over Matter"

Others who do not have RA think that we are just using our pain as an excuse or our fatigue as a way to get out of doing something that "we don't want to do" but as we know that is not the case. In fact, it frustrates us because it is derailing our routine. In these cases, is when practicing "Mind of Matter," comes into play. Get your mind set to overcome these comments, get your inner strength set to overcome a feeling of failure, and get your heart set to forgive these people for not understanding what RA is truly capable of.

Listening to your body does not make you weak!

I have a similar post of my Facebook page I'MPERFECTion please check it out :)

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