Living with R.A. and fibromyalgia

One and 1/2 years ago I had blood work done for RA and came out I didn't have it, but have all the signs of it. I think is called silent. And my joints are so swelling and hurt. Start with my right elbow with swelling and pain and was getting worse and spread to my fingers and then to both of my wrist and now am in so much pain. Had to take off my wedding bands. My fingers are that bad. Can't ever wear any type of rings. Did try a few of them on in the jewely store. The swelling is still there. Am scared if I did get a ring, it will need to be cut off, which has happened already. Was a cheap ring. Now just about one month ago I have fibromyalgia. Was told goes hand in hand with r.a. is why me. r.a. spread to my collar bones and to my back and both of my knees. Hard to write now and at times can't be on line for a long period of time. My joints will hurt to the point I want to cry. Can't hold a tooth brush. Noticed that the last few months. Have to accept all the pain day in day out. The pain medication takes the edge off but the pain is still there.

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