Living with Seronegative Inflammatory Polyarthropathy

I started feeling stiffness in my fingers also swelling and pain back on 9/2012 and went to and RA Doctor which said after a sonogram that I had fluid in my hands to start Prednisone and Plaquenil which I took until May 2013 with no relief to my pain then he added this big yellow pill call something like methotrexate and when this pill was added I had a really bad reaction to my stomach so I had to stop it and because of it I also had to stop Plaquenil.

Then the doctor said lets try Rituxan which I took the first two treatments in June 2013 and this gave me a reaction of swelling ankle and feet and swollen glands in my neck also pain in my head.

So now I am back on Prednisone awaiting for my RA Doctor to speak to my Oncologist regarding the new medication in the market for me to try but since I am also a cancer patient NH Lymphoma and most of the new medication could give you Lymphoma he is trying to see risk and benefit with my oncologist, in the mean time I am in pain my limbs get swelling every day I am just not happy with all of this.

Hope my doctor starts new treatment very soon, will keep everyone posted.

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