Living with RA

I was diagnosed with RA at the age of 23. My new baby was 10 months old & my husband was frequently away as he was in The Royal Navy. Luckily I had amazing friends who were always there to help. For some years I was only in bits of pain if I had done to much or something new. Each time I had any stress in my life the RA flared up again. My RA stayed stable'ish until my early 40's when sadly my marriage was over. I had a 13 year old to look after so flare up or no flare up I had to get on with it to pay rent, bills & feed us. Slowly but surely the RA got steadily worse & now at 64 feeling 290 on some days RA rules my life. Like a lot of things people have said it just doesn't come on it's own. You may be more inclined to diseases of the heart like me. One of my medication has given me Fibrosis of the lung & I have various other things going south & falling off. All I know is that one gets sick of the negative feelings & all the things that have to be planned as there are 'so' many days when things just don't work. Anyway that's the story so far watch this space.

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