Liz's story

I was diagnosed about 30 + year ago. Methotrexate made me bleed internally, more than once. About the time I was diagnosed, I changed my life style and eating habits drastically. Conventional drugs work against me. Only pain killer, often and in low dosages, keep me mobile. AN me mobile. I will never change that no matter how much the stigma of pain meds hurts me, I know what's good for me. No more guinea pig here. I've heard it can kill ,you, but I don't buy it. The way I eat, and the physical moves I make are all I need. I truly wish the best for all of you.

My recent blood test shows all is well, liver, heart, blood count, cholesterol, B12, etc. they are all good. The only bad thing is RA With very high counts.

So this is my story in brief, I hope someone gets something from it,

Lots of love, Liz

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