Long journey from the past and to the future

I recently joined the community but I have been trying to learn more and more of my wife’s condition as we move along in our lives.

It’s been rough for the past few years as things are piling on, often with no solution. Not sure if these things are tied together or not. About 2 years ago, my wife complained of chest pain and breathing so we went to the ER. She was told she had pneumonia. It was odd in a way because it kept coming back and none of the meds were working. Nodules were found and she had decreased lung capacity with fluid buildup. Even today she has another bout of pneumonia. This would be the 2nd or 3rd this year.

Around the same time (2 years ago) she had a back X-ray and was found to have degenerative disc disease. From her CBC’s throughout the last 5 years she has had a high WBC and high RDW-CV, with Vitamin D levels near 11-12, and a constant infection indicated on urinalysis panels and culture tests. I just wanted to see if there is anyone with some of the same experiences and also if blackout spells are common. They typically last her about 45 min and has slurred speech and confusion.

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