Long long road!!

Hello, my journey started about 9 yrs ago, I had surgery and had to be put to sleep, when I woke my neck was in a lot of pain, and stayed that way for days, weeks, months. I thought they injured me when they put the tube in to put me to sleep, but what happened was they actually got the ball rolling on the arthritis. I had a doc back then say he thought it was RA, but because it didn't show in my blood work no one pursued it, so I just lived with it for years. Then it gradually started to move through the rest of my body, hands, feet, shoulder, days when I could not get out of the chair.
Then 2 yrs ago I got breast cancer stage 0, yes I am very lucky and blessed, to have caught it so early, but through all this I had to have a bone scan and when the tech turned to me and said Mrs. ---- are you in great pain? It scared me. I thought he found cancer somewhere else, but what he was talking about was the RA, so after my treatments my surgeon sent me to a rheumatologist and she confirmed RA. Still does not show in my blood, which she said in 30-40% of people it does not. I am on methotrexate with folic acid and mobic and my pain level is good for now, just some foot pain, but she also just reduced the methotrexate, because of low white blood cell count. Well this is my story, I am 55 years old. Thanks for letting me tell my story about living with RA.

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