Long Long Road of RA

I am a 48 year old married for 22 years and have two college bound children. I have been righting RA for 8 years. I thought I was doing well since the injectables worked for a few months before they stopped helping. Methotrexate damaged my liver, so I only expected partial help since all the injectables work in conjunction with MXT. I ended up running out of options with the meds since I went through every injectable on the market. I was living on Oxycodone and I knew I didn't want that kind of life.

I switched Rheumatologists and on my first visit she suggested Rituximab, I knew nothing about it except is was chemo. WOW what a life saver. I do not take any pain meds, only Prednisone which I keep trying to wean off of.

My advice is never give up, if you are not getting the help you need there are plenty of other doctors out there that have different ways of looking at you. My family was great when I wasn't even able to get myself out of bed or dress myself. My family has been there through it all and I would not have been able to get through this ordeal without them.

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