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Hi my name is Diane I was diagnosed with RA about five years ago I am going on my 6th dial drug. I am 51 and I recently had a colonoscopy that came back with seven polyps, four of which were cancerous cells. I am scheduled to get started on Actemra IVs. Is this going to give me a higher chance of cancer or should I wait before I have this? I’m confused I don’t understand, I’m scared I also have fibromyalgia I hurt and just want to feel normal please if anybody could give me any suggestions on what to do I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you for hearing my story.

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  • Richard Faust moderator
    2 years ago

    Sorry to hear that you are having these difficulties Dringer, but glad that you have come to a place that can offer information and support. It is absolutely ok. and understandable to have some fears.

    For your safety, we cannot give medical advice over the internet and any questions about medications, interactions, and safety concerns should be addressed with your medical team. Actemra is a biologic and is designed to suppress the immune system. They can increase the risk of infection and certain cancers. In some cases, if there is cancer treatment, patients are asked to forego certain RA treatments for a period of time. This article from our editorial team looks at biologics and potential side effects and safety issues:

    Here are a couple of articles on Actemra, including one on safety and side-effects:

    In addition, you may be interested in taking a look at our Facebook page at where community members may be able to provide additional inormation and support. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. We will be pulling for you. Best, Richard ( Team)

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