Loosing My Cat

The year was 2008 and I was fortunate to be given this beautiful fluffy Persian cat. She was a beautiful orange and brown with pretty hazel eye I've never been a cat lover, but I found myself truly attached to this cat that I named Charmin. Charmin was a jewel. I was having symptoms of RA and it was a challenge for me to do simple things like iron the clothes, vaccum up the stairs.
I noticed that one day Charmin (my Cat) saw that I was struggling to bring a basket of clothes down the steps, so much so I almost missed the step. I believe if she could have picked up the basket and carried it for me, she would have. I believe she was the reason I didn't fall completely down the steps. She was such company for me, especially the nights when I was sleepless. She would curl up beside me and be such a loving cat. Her purr's let me know of her affection.
I was getting ready to go to a doctor appointment and somehow I rushed to get out of the house. I went upstairs and forgot to close my basement door.
Charmin made her way out. I came back home and there was no charmin. I searched the neighborhood. I put up flyers of what she looked like. All of this to no avail. I even put an ad in the newspaper for a reward if found.
I never found her and it really crushed my heart. I always believed someone found her and just kept her. She was definitely a healing source for me. When I came home I could count on Charmin being at the door. I could count on Charmin on those long nights of pain, Charmin was there. My pain would even subside just having her there. She was definitely therapeutic in my RA journey. When I would want to cry because of being in excruciating pain. I would look into Charmin’s eyes and just love on her. I was so attached to her and my experience in having her, the benefits of having her outweighed not having her. I was told to get another cat, but she was special to me. Many days she accompanied me to therapy and other medical appointments.
Emotions has a lot to do with your pain numbers. My discomfort level rose tremendously after losing Charmin. I had swelling, stiffness and almost unable to do anything. It took weeks for me to be back to normal. I may not have Charmin sitting at the foot of my bed anymore, but I still have the remarkable memories of this beautiful Persian Cat that was given to me for a reason of therapeutic relief.

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