Losing my sight

I've had this disease (diagnosed) for 3 years now. I have gone through so many meds already that I'm beyond frustrated. My doc decided a couple of months ago to add a med to my existing one instead of completely changing the one I was on. I was not happy. I had been telling her for about 3 months the current one wasn't working. The Xeljanz worked great in the beginning, but like every other med before it, after a few weeks it just...doesn't...work anymore.

She added Arava.

Experiencing vision loss

Two months later I woke up with a headache and blurry vision. No big deal right? Wrong. Over the next week the headache stays and my vision gets so much worse.

I break down and see my eye doc who is stumped. Until he looks up Arava. My vision went from 20/20 to 20/30 in my right eye and 20/40 in my left. I immediately stop the Arava. 2 weeks more go by. Still have a headache, eyes hurt all the time. Back to the eye doc. My vision is WORSE. 20/45 in my right, 20/60 in my left. I am angry and scared.

My eye doc sent the reports to my R.A. doc who is out of the country. I talk to her partners nurse.Now this part? This makes me LIVID! He says to stop the med (no kidding!!!) And if I go blind, call them. I'm sorry...WHAT DID HE SAY?! His nurse is embarrassed. I leave.

It's been 3 weeks more and I have to have an MRI on my head for my eyes. I still haven't heard from my R.A. doc, even though I've called her office 5 different times. I am not happy.

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