What Was Next, My Eyes

Last updated: June 2021

So much to address.

Eye issues with RA

One of my eyes stayed blurry all day. The following night, there were circles around the light of my clock.

I always wondered why after cataract surgery, I didn't see as well as people said they did.

When I scheduled my appointment, I was told dry eyes could do that. I had the gut feeling with all that was going on, it was more.

Self-advocacy creates better health outcomes

I called to advocate to get me in months sooner than what was scheduled. Sure enough, it is dry macular degeneration. They mention about the last scan they saw beginnings, yet never told me.

The importance of getting records. The importance of believing your gut feeling. The importance of taking the best care of yourself and not procrastinating and putting yourself on the back burner.

Take care,

Love elirose

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