RA makes me mad and sad.....

I was diagnosed in 2005. I am now 62 struggling with this affliction. In 2011, I was hit by an F250 pick up truck while walking across the street. That began another journey of surgery and pain to place a rod from my hip to my knee. Two months after this incident I had a huge flare (most people faced with a trauma have a flare immediately, not me). I am grateful to be alive.

I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering and not knowing from one day to the next how I'm going to feel. Not liking to read all the info on the internet every day about RA because it is do depressing (and we all deal with depression with this disease), I decided to try my hand at a blog hoping it will help others and share my hobbies that keep me sane. Believe me it helps to be taken away from the pain and see that you can function and reap the rewards of a hobby.

I have begun a blog about living with RA and my life journey. It contains other subjects, i.e., cooking, crocheting, my artwork and photography and a bit of levity. (to visit my blog --- heartofdixiebyjohnel.blogspot.com ---

Please visit and share your thoughts and every-day woes with me. It does help.

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