Make Time for Treatment

I was just barely 30 when I was first diagnosed. Of course, denial set in and delayed treatment for a time. Then I started plaquinel, but found the side effects outweighed the benefits. As a single mom of two, working full time plus OT was mandatory. Treatment could wait, or so I thought. As a registered nurse, I knew better, but continued to delay the expense and hassle of seeking treatment. Next month I will be 50. I started treatment a few years ago, but it was not soon enough to stop the damage to my joints. I will soon be forced to give up the career I truly love and I have days that I can not unbend my fingers. It is a good week if I have a couple days that I can overcome the fatigue long enough to play with the grandkids. I see many posts by newly diagnosed people. Please, Please do not delay treatment. Yes, it can be expensive. There are some programs available from the drug manufacturers to help with the expense. Do not let pride stop you from checking out these programs. The appointments for treatment can be a hassle too, but fingers that won't unbend are more of a hassle. For those with a new diagnosis of RA, please Make Time for Treatment. I wish I had.

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