P.S. (what I do for my RA)

I take provigil or modafinil (generic) for my unrelenting fatigue... Make sure your vitamin levels aren’t too high or low. Don’t underestimate vitamins. I use a happy light since I don’t leave my house often.

Some tips for RA management

A support animal really helps me

Get a support animal if you can. Days I can’t think I can move I have my pup right next to me to make sure I don’t fall when I go to the bathroom. I was in and out of the hospital recently so I got another one to be my Teddy Bears friend while I’m away and at first I said daily “I can’t do this” “what was I thinking?!” But to be fair what doc sees you for the first time and books an OR 2 weeks later. I didn’t have time to sufficiently train her for me. Now I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s his best friend and his anxiety of me being gone is over (he has a puppy to protect) They are inseparable and she is truly physical therapy because I’ve been trying to keep up with Janis. Her name is Janis Joplin AKA JJ (I got her in Joplin Mo lol!) she is frustratingly awesome and I don’t focus so much on my pain.

Taking my mind off of RA pain

Distraction has always been my key. If I have nothing else and I can’t handle the pain I run my hands under real hot water as hot as you can handle to take my mind off the obsession of your pain that runs through your mind... I use biofreeze for the same reason. I know it’s not going to work long but the feeling helps my head get right before it floods back. Getting right mentally is huge with pain. See a therapist and tell them everything you can’t tell your family. When I get home I don’t take my anger out on my husband and again find the right one as they are not all created equal.. Watch a movie you swore you would never watch just to be mad at how bad the movie is.

Find something that brings you pleasure

I don’t suggest this in any way but I eat sugar like nobody you’ve ever known. For me sugar literally helps my pain. The reason is that sugar helps ie that it hits your pleasure center and will temporally take your pain away. I once went on a diet as a bet and only ate lettuce all day so I could eat all my calories in brownies. I won 2nd place Lol... I have ways for my sanity I hope you find yours.. they may be guilty pleasures but I’ve paced my house, laid on the couch for months. Having my kids play board games. I might have had an icing addiction for a little while. Just containers of icing as I’m playing monopoly. No more than 2 containers a day tho! (Yeah I couldn’t tell my doctor and I hid it from the nurses) I beat my child at many board games with icing 😆 I know this all sounds crazy but my theory is what’s the harm in trying *almost* anything! (Maybe not 2 containers of icing tho haha) We have over a 100 board games because that’s all I can do. We go to goodwill and get games to play the kids love picking whatever they want and then forcing you to play silly games. I even have my husband move my piece when my hands hurt to bad. I always lose and they find it hilarious that I’m 0-1999.

I’m saying all this today and can completely have a different day tomorrow but I use these regularly.

Lots of hope,

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