My newest update

Hi all, hope you are all doing good or as best as you can.

Managing hip and knee pain with RA

So, last I had told you, I had increased to 8 mgs and I did have cortisone injections in my right hip and knee which has helped but doesn't fully anymore.

The front of my hip and down the inside is where it hurts now but not yet bad enough to get my family doctor to book me in for cortisone injection at the hospital like I had done in January.

So, cortisone injections on March 29, then on April 21st I had them in my left hip and knee. I never realized how bad my left knee was. It was so swollen inside it hurt like bad, bad.

When I was leaving, my doc asked me how it was feeling. Well, it still hurt inside, but by the time I got home, which isn't very far at all, it wasn't hurting anymore. That evening it started hurting like crazy so I had to take a Celebrex which helped in 2-3 hours later.

Some pain relief

Now on May 3rd, we are having a virtual memorial service for my dear momma. Then my rheumatologist virtual appointment is on the 4th.

I had my 6th Simponi injection today. I really do not think it has helped me much at all. I believe it had been the increase of prednisone and the cortisone injections I have had that is giving me quite a bit of relief.

It doesn't mean I don't still have pain, which I do but it's a lot more manageable. I also suffer from the dreaded fatigue and get the odd day or a few in-between bouts, so that doesn't help.

Anyway, blessings to all.


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