Managing RA

Climbing an erupting volcano in Guatemala

I was diagnosed with RA on February 2018, at the age of 67.

An active life with RA is possible

Yes, I can relate to all the pain that many of you describe; however, since I was put on Remicade infusions at 6 weeks, I can say that the pain has been minimal. It seems like I always get a flare-up right before the end of Winter.  

The small joints don’t hurt as much but I sure can feel the pain on the hip girdle and trochanter.
I have not let anything interfere with my daily activities such as, going on walks with my dog twice, daily or going on vacation.

As a matter of fact towards the end of the year in 2018, I took a vacation by myself to the beautiful country of Guatemala and managed to climb an erupting volcano, 10K feet above sea level.  A beautiful experience to say the least. Yes, I had some difficulty but somehow I managed.

Not letting RA pain win

The bottom line, curling up into a ball and feeling sorry for oneself is not the way to deal with any disease. I strongly believe that physical exercise is not only recreational but it also keeps and helps maintain one’s immune system.

So, go out and have some fun while you still can.  It does good to your body and soul.

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