Medication Russian Roulette

I have RD of the inner Ear. I was diagnosed in March 2016. This is severe and each day costs me to loose my hearing, balance, vision, and equilibrium. I now wear two hearing aids and need a walker. I was immediately treated with 60mg of Prednisone, Planquenil, sulfalazine, Methotextrate and supplements. These drugs have given me little relief. I am having a difficult time tapering off the steroids. I am down to 35mg my symptoms worsen if I go lower. I recently began to develop a rash on my upper torso. I was given a topical cream and sulfamethoxazole. My face and neck has swelled to a point I do not recognize my self in the mirror. My mouth and throat have sores and are sore. I notice white fuzz on my tongue.) Come to find out I have (Thrush) I was prescribed Ketoconazole. If it is not one thing it is another! These meds are doing a number on me. This disease is so unpredictable and relentless. Scheduling and timing these medications can be a challenge. Taking medication is like playing russian roulette. I wonder is it all worth it? In the mean time I'm still suffering, each day robs me pieces of myself. I'm rolling the dice, praying, hoping the Rituxan Infusion will be the answer. I'm hoping my body will be able to handle Rituxan. Do you feel like you're playing Russian Roulette? Anyone else have problems managing medications?

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