My mind is fine, but my body is falling apart!

Those were the words I used to describe how I felt. I was diagnosed in January 2013. Before that I had lots of medical problems and no dr was able to tell me exactly what was going on. Physiotherapists helped me to feel better when my jaw hurt so much TML, or my shoulder got stuck and hurt or I was limping along because of the terrible pain in my hip.
I had an operation on my hip and that was entrapment of the femoral nerve.
X-rays revealed that my joints was busy degenerating and I had to use anti-inflammatory meds to cope day-by-day.
Then one day, on TV was a medical panel discussion where they talked about Rheumatologist that offers great great relief for arthritis patients. I started searcing the internet for Rhumetologists in the area.
She diagnosed me with RA after bloodtests and other tests. I had 26 markers.
She put me on aggressive treatment to try to get the disease in remission.
I am on Arava, B-tabs, 10 Methotrexate tabs per week (on a Friday evening) so that I can recover over the weekend and because this treatment didn't halt the disease I was put on Orencia infusions about 8 months ago (once a month). Yes, there are side-effects, sensitive, itchy hands, skin, scalp, and asma but then I use Prednisone for a few days and then the problem is solved
The last 3 months I am feeling much, much better. The treatment is finally staring to work! I am grateful for this! The pain is under control. This is my story, I am 52 years old.

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