Moody With RA

There are so many days that I can truthfully say that I feel that me and a Chow Chow dog have so much in common. When I am not in pain, I am very intelligent and on point, quiet and consider myself a very loyal friend. However, lately I've been feeling closed in and not being able to freely get around the way I would like. This brings on me irritability, feeling crabby, cranky and a few other adjectives I can think of. It is so difficult to be of a mild temperate when you are in pain in over 50 % of your body. I just want to be in my own private space and no one irritating me. A lot of times people don't understand how you feel and they want to force themselves in your space. It doesn't matter if your polite and tell them, I would prefer to rest today and maybe we can get together another time. Being rude is the last thing I want to be with anyone. My RA has really been in rare form lately in other words, Acting Up. I’ve used every type of pain relief cream, all my prescribed medications, hot water bottles, all seeming like it's not working. I've been glad to be in the bed resting and it seems like its the best place of rest. When you confine a chow chow in a confined space for periods of time and not having the space to go out and run around. They become very aggressive and can turn ugly, bad tempered. I find it amazing how pain in the body can take you out of your norm. It can make the calmest and cool person into a cantankerous person. I am working on myself and trying to help myself with not allowing my pain to turn me into a grouchy woman. We all knows a snapping turtle’s snaps. Well I feel like that turtle sometimes, I can easily snap. I get so cross when I can lift up my arms to reach for a glass, or my leg is stiff and my back won't allow me to stand up but for five minutes and I feel like falling down. I would say this is when you need a very strong supporter to be your sounding board. This is why writing allows me the opportunity to release some of the feelings in a positive way. I don't have to complain to this one or that one! But, I get it out of my system and I feel so much better. It’s absolutely great to be able to have a platform that allows us to share our stories. Exercising has been very hard for me as well. I know this has a lot to do with my attitude and mood. I know I will do better and there will come a time when I won't be fretful or peevish, but yet I will deal with my pain that my RA brings and I will stay tranquil, relaxed, and serene because I will have taught myself that just because of pain and aches, I don't have to be a cranky woman. I will be able to walk around pain free. I'm still learning how to cope with the symptoms that come with this disease. (Dis-ease)

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