Mother and daughter

My daughter was first diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when she was in kindergarten. It took only months to be diagnosed but at the time it seemed to take forever. We thought her ankle was disfigured from a sprain. After putting her on methotrexate the following spring I woke up and my hands were huge. Slowly joint by joint it spread from my hands to my feet, ankles, and wrists. I already knew I had Raynaud's so my primary sent me to a local rheumatologist. He thought somehow I had gotten sero-negative RA because of the stress of dealing with my daughter. That was ridiculous. Now almost two years later and two rheumatologists later, I have Sjogrens, inflammatory arthritis, and fibromyalgia. I'm on daily plaquenil, Enbrel weekly and prednisone. My daughter is still on methotrexate and has tried to stop and immediately flares.
I look at other normal families and wish we could go out to eat without worrying about people coughing. I worry about the long term for her being on meds like that for years. People that don't have to deal with issues like these truly do not understand.
I am thankful for a husband that is understanding and is very helpful. A son that is a good kid and tries to help in his twelve year old way.
It's a battle going into another holiday season with shopping and walking. Good luck to everyone dealing with this awful disease.

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