Get those vaccines... one at a time!

Though I checked with my rheumatologist and nurses in my family about Shingrex and influenza vaccine, I should have thought through at length my final decision on vaccination. I foolishly thought, at age 75 and with RA, one in each arm would be fine.

Flaring after vaccinations

Well, it was short lived proudness that I could do this! Yesterday was like a one day super flare. I made it through the day with Meloxicam, Tylenol, and a long nap. I know my body was saying... what the heck did you do?

Next time, I'm getting one at a time

I just wanted to say..get those vaccines... one at a time! They are dead materials but hopefully these vaccines rev up our immune systems to fight. Today I feel a lot better and I know my immune system is better prepared for two problems... shingles and annual influenza.

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