I Must Deviate to Alleviate My Pain

I was told by Dr.'s I had RA some 20 years ago. I remember the pain of the simple things in life, buttoning a blouse, tying a shoe, driving a car, bending down to pick up something I had dropped. I knew at this moment; I would have to deviate from some of the things that I normally would do. I had to alleviate those things in my life that was bringing me excruciating pain. One of the things I loved was writing. I could write and write. I found myself having to cut down on the time I spent sitting at a computer writing. I knew I had to find an exercise regiment that would alleviate some of the pain. Heating pads, mediation, relaxation were a few things that helped to alleviate extra pain. Swelling and inflammation of the joints were a normal thing with RA. I'm grateful for being able to cope with the disease so much better. I’m grateful for my Dr.'s and all those who continue to work with me in my Rheumatoid Arthritis journey.

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