My Journey

I tested positive for RA in 2014, but wasn't diagnosed until 2015. It was mild at first, except I was fighting subacute subcutaneous lupus at the same time. I knew I had Sjogren's Syndrome years earlier. My mother had severe RA and died from complications before biologic drugs were marketed.

The disease progressed to moderate this past winter. I have been on Humira weekly since February. Methotrexate was changed to Arava, and I have been on Plaquenil for the discord lupus since 2015.

It has affected my feet the most, along with the Sjogren's. I have custom orthotics. I've found Kuru brand shoes to be the absolute best. They can only be found online at The next best is New Balance medical grade.

I'm still working, but wish to retire at 62 (in 2 yrs.), rather than try for disability, despite debilitating back pain from injuries over the years.

The problem I'm facing most right now is the discord lupus is out of remission possibly due to the Humira. I learned Humira can cause lupus, which upset me, because the Humira keeps the RA under control. Depending on test results, it may or may not have to be changed. Hence, another battle with insurance.

Fatigue is the worst part of it. I try to stay active, even when off of work, but walking much is too difficult. I find my greatest strength in the Lord, and in my companionship with my dog, Noel, my family, and friends.


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