My RA Journey

It started Feb 2004 after pruning my orchard. I got covered with tiny bugs. Boom it was Lyme disease not recognized in S.W. WA. 8 doctors later, over 400 pages of info, catching and freezing them as they were tracked all over my house and yurt plus photos.

First my thumbs deformed any finger I had past history of injury. Finally the feet. RA was diagnosed too late in 2010. Cost me all my land and home savings of 34 years. I was licensed AMTA Massage Tech for 25 years. Lots more but for all of you, before doctor comes in and tech is taking your BP ect., have your shoes and socks off ALWAYS! My great or big toes are both in the middle and I have yet to find an ortho or 5-wide shoe. My dress shoes,heels (pumps), and logging type hiking boots gone. Working with podiatrist and eventually hand surgeon. Learn to read your blood tests, file, keep track and get a good PDR (perscription desk reference) book. Also I have several reflexology books on kineseology and anatomy. Do not take any Rx until you read up on it. A favorite Rx that is not narcotic but helps the threaded nerves is Gabapentin. Thank goodness my podiatrist recommended it. Wish I had known 11 years ago. Take care all for now. How I have suffered!

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