All of a Sudden, I Needed a Cane to Walk

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Sjogren's in 2013. Five years later and living in a different state, I all of sudden couldn’t walk without a cane at age 57.

Experiencing significant pain

The pain in my hip was like a hot burning poker and I needed to find a new rheumatologist quickly. Being very lucky, I found him within a month, and we began some blood work and did ultrasounds.

Boom, now I have RH positive rheumatoid arthritis and it’s already done damage to my hips, ankles and hands.

Tried methotrexate and it didn’t work except for major hair loss. Tried Humira and 3 months later, the cane and burning pain were gone.

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Managing multiple conditions with RA

Because all 3 autoimmune diseases cause fatigue, that is currently the bane of my existence. I get breakthrough joint pain and headaches often, but it is the crippling fatigue that has disrupted my life the most.

Most days I’m accepting of my new way of life. Other days, I feel like I’m letting everyone down because of my limitations and depression.

The invisibility of my autoimmune diseases doesn’t help either. People don’t understand why making plans is difficult for me. Because I never know how I’ll feel the next day, last minute cancellations are frequent. I’m blessed that those closest to me understand my reality and love me unconditionally.

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