Never Give Up

I got RA when I was 42 although mild. I relocated to Tenerife as the weather helped, in fact the RA disappeared completely. Then in 2008 it came back hard. I am a qualified herbalist so I have gone the natural route to heal. The 1st thing I did was to address the cause - mine was stress and diet but I didn't get much improvement. Then after a bad storm, the office where I worked was flooded. After 2 weeks Christmas break I went back to work and the smell of mold was so bad. After 1 hour every joint was swollen and inflamed. I had also been living in a house with mold. I then realised it was the mold which was stopping my improvement and probably what brought it back. I moved house and had to leave work due to the mold. It's been a long journey of trial and error but I am now in remission although I have deformities in my hands and ankles.

I have discovered through having RA that to return to a life that is happy and reasonably active I need to stick with my vegan, sugar and gluten free diet and exercise daily. It has taken 10 years for my journey but I hope I will be able to help others with autoimmune diseases to achieve a faster result.

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