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Pain began in March 2017, diagnosed with RA September 2017. Am currently on a weekly Methotrexate (.8 ml) injection. Was told improvement is gradual - true?. I've learned so much reading others' stories but still have some questions. Are steroids always necessary as part of treatment? I am adamantly opposed to using them. In January 2017 I had a benign tumor removed that produced excess cortisol so I experienced first hand what that can do to one's system. One symptom I experienced prior to my diagnosis was extreme swelling in my feet and lower legs. Is that part of RA? I still have swelling but not nearly as bad. Prior to RA I was a "gym rat". Is therapy preferred vs. going to the gym? I'm concerned that I'll damage my joints. I recognize that there's no way I'll be able to do what I did before. I can't even get up off the floor due to my knees and hips. I'm afraid that I'll continue to get worse but try not to focus on the negative and just adjust to my new life. I'm 70 and prior to 2017 had no health problems. It pains me to read about those who have dealt with RA for many years. It's hard to feel sorry for myself when so many others have suffered so much for so long. I meant to keep my post short and will do so in the future - promise. Thanks for sharing your stories; they have helped me immensely.

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