New to Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I have recently been diagnosis with RA as of August 25, 2016. I noticed I have been having lower back and right hip pain for seven years now. I went to my regular family doctor and she did not diagnosis me at all except for chronic back pain. I went to a back specialist and all they put me on is Celebrex and you would be fine. I have been on pain killers, Celebrex, and other meds to help, but they never did.

Since my family doctor moved I did not have any hope to find a good doctor to take over my care. After two months, I decided to find a pain management doctor and I did. She took me off of Celebrex and put me on Mobic. Another medication she put me on is Vit D and was told to take once a week. I asked her why and she told me I need it for my bones because of my lower back pain. I also asked her about some blood work that was due every year and she did not really say anything. I go back every month for my pain management to regulate my pain meds. She finally ordered my blood work and my every three year MRI. When I went back to my family doctor we went over the results from my blood work and MRI. She changed my pain meds to a stronger dose and recommend me to go to see a RA specialist because the results came back positive for RA.

When I went to see my specialist he definitely told me that I have RA in my feet. He put me on methotrexate and folic acid.
Everything is kind of making sense after all these years I have been hurting in my lower back and right hip area. Vit D is to help with osteoarthritis in my back, Mobic is for RA patients, and the pain med I was on was not the right one that I needed to be on so she changed along with it.

I am taking 2.5mg methotrexate (5) once a week, 3mg folic acid every day, 10,000mg biotin every day, Mobic, every day, pain meds 6-8 hours when needed. I am experiencing hair loss since I have been taking methotrexate and the folic acid to off set the side effects of methotrexate.

My question is has anyone else experienced hair loss and heard I would be having hair loss until I stop the methotrexate? I have just started treatment and I have no insurance. I have accepted this diagnosis because we have not gone over all the tests yet because my next apt is in Nov for my 3 month check up.

Some days I feel tired than others, my feet hurt even though they look better since I been on meds, I am lost. Please help!!!!

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