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It started 4 years ago after a very acrimonious separation and finally divorce, I woke up one day and my knee had so much pain I could not walk. I went to the ER and they could not find the problem. Several months later my right foot swelled to the point I could not walk, I went to the Urgent care they did x-rays and said nothing wrong. My foot was red, swollen and the pain was off the scale. Again, months later my right hand swelled and became red, angry and extremely painful. X-rays showed nothing. The Dr. did labs and I had a RF of 580. My PCP has arranged for me to see a rheumatologist this month (after a 4 month wait) In between times I have been to urgent care 3 times with pain in my shoulder, my neck and my knees. I am so tired all the time and if I do any amount of manual labor (like gardening) I suffer for days afterwards. I work full time and limped into work this a.m. like an old, old woman. Does this get any better with treatment???

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