New to all this

Hi my name is Dianne and I live in Australia. I go back to my rheumatologist next week to confirm if I have RA and a couple of other things too and discuss what will be happening. So far all my blood tests, x rays and ultra sounds have showed that I have RA. My body is sore from head to toe. I have had unknowingly had symptoms for years but over the last couple of years everything that has been wrong with me has been blamed onto stress and grief. Finally two Doctors at our clinic listened to what I have said and looked into everything further. Part of me is happy that I know I am not going crazy and the other part is thinking #@&*&* what am I in for. I saw the Doctor the other day because I am sensitive to some pain relief medications which means I cannot take them while I am at work. They have worked out pain relief for me for at work and a different routine for when I am at home and night time. They did not want to do anything that would cause a delay in any treatment the rheumatologist may want to start. The Doctors did put me on 10mg a day of prednisolone. It has helped and I can at least wear shoes at work without crying.
Your stories have been a great help as I did not realise that a lot of my symptoms were related but also your stories can be scary as they show what the future may hold. One very confused person here.

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