Newbie with RA - learning how to balance this brand new world with mine?

Last updated: July 2021

Hello all, I’m Ati Yates (“Ah-tee”) and I was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (03/21 this year), and that’s why I’m here! Thanks for having such a wonderfully supportive group.

Telling my RA story

I’m a retired MD after 30 years, now a hard-working executive wellness coach, in my second year. Now, with this RA, I’ve got so much more to do and learn about(!)

I’m seeing how much time it takes to research and find my best ways with this RA. On methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine and an elimination diet.

This initially just about erased my initial symptoms (hands and feet). Didn’t last, though - I’m now still in my first “on treatment flare”. Might be even worse than when this started.

My rheums want me to start a biologic. Took me quite a bit to research this, and I still need to say not yet. Tightening up my elimination diet and willing to add daily NSAIDs, at least now, while in a flare.

Managing RA and work

So, again and again, a week or two focusing my attention on things like this. I’m feeling pretty good about what I’m doing with my RA, but what’s going to happen with my business? Am I doing this right? Could I do this better?

I’d love to chat with anyone who is also trying to manage their RA and business at the same time. What have you found out? Are you still living your best dreams?

My best to all of you and I’ll be looking forward to connecting with you!

Ati Yates

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