Newly Diagnosed and Unprepared

I was recently diagnosed with RA in March and I when I searched for the symptoms I was experiencing I always disregarded the Rheumatory diagnosis even though everything kept pointing directly at it. After an appointment with my primary doctor which indicated he was going to run some bloodwork for RA, my gut was in knots, as it was that moment I knew I had RA.
I thought I was prepared for my first RA appointment but it was actually much harder to hear the confirmation than I had ever anticipated. Nobody in my family has RA and nobody I know has this. I feel like a lost child in a BIG world at times and I have never cried so much from the peer emotions of fear. The medication all scares me with the side affects. When I go back and recall my symptoms, I believe I have had this for about 4-5 years before ever diagnosed.
I think I was living on Motrin and alleve like daily viatamins. I am hopeful for all the treatments available today. As a friend recently mentioned, the treatments today are so great for people with RA and if ever a time to have this, now is a good time. Yes, at first I thought she was nuts, however, compared to 10-15 years ago there are so many different courses of successful treatment available today. While I clearly understand this will not go away, I will remain hopeful for myself and everybody else with RA that we find the treatments that work for us individually. I am struggling on the meds and recently had an allergic reaction to one, these times are frustrating but I will give my all to try and help my body get control of this.

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