Newly diagnosed and full of questions

Recently diagnosed with RA. Hands, feet and now I fear hip. I am on prednisone, folic acid and methotrexate. Just had a visit and discussed meds are maintaining but not eliminating inflammation and pain so my RA doc has now added "Humira"! This is my fear and questions!

The more I read the more my head wants to blow up lol. The first thing is it will not replace the meds it will be ADDED to the meds, seriously, I feel I am not that debilitated by this disease. Mainly the side effects are what have me delaying this new step and fearing it.

I am a nurse in a nursing home so that small fear with a new treatment, but more important is CANCER! I am a cancer survivor, lung. That word in any combination of any reading throws up flags for me.

Do I try to just work with what I am doing and not start the injections, do I try injection and ask to stop the pills so I am not loaded down with all these meds, is the daily pain that bad, I can tolerate it I have for a while now?

I am afraid to start and then one day with blood work or x-rays find cancer again. I am RUNNING SCARED right now.

Help please.

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