Newly diagnosed with RA

January, 2016 I woke up one day with my whole hand swollen, red and hot and hurting. This lasted a few days and then the other hand was the same way. I couldn't move the fingers until much later in the day. It took about six months before my GP would refer me to a rheumatologist where I was diagnosed with RA. I now have all five digits on my right hand completely numb and the tops of the digits on the left hand are starting to go numb. I have been waiting for a referral to a neurologist for four months. My first prescriptions were methotrexate, folic acid, plaquenil and a 6 week course of prednisone. The prednisone had to be repeated for an additional 5 week course and then I began having mouth sores and flu-like symptoms for a few days after taking the methotrexate. She reduced the dosage in half and the pain, swelling, stiffness and heat is now in both wrists. RA has affected my feet making it difficult to walk as well. At my last visit the drug sulfasalazine has been added and in March I am to starting giving myself injections of the methotrexate. My concern is this; is this not a lot of chemicals to be putting into my body? It scares me but yet what can I do.

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