No family support

It all started waking up one day with insect bites on my body I surmised it may have been a spider. For days I felt so sick the bite marks burnt and were very itchy. My lymph node under my arm was swollen like a gold ball. Ever since that day I have not been right, constant back and forth blood test after blood test until finally 2 years later I was told I had arthritic autoimmune. The GP was not sure on the exact type but looking at my symptoms she is very certain I have RA. Being told this news was a major blow I’m in my late 30’S, have 3 children a husband who works hard enough as is. But I still broke down cried felt so cheated. But the hardest part of all was the lack of sympathy and support from my mother.
She saw me crying and said why was I crying I told her I had bad news and I was scared. Basically I was being dramatic and I needed to “get over it” later when I tried to discuss with her the nature and that “did you know that you can die from RA” well basically she laughed at me and said what a load of sh*t. I was floored that my own mother would be so nasty towards something that I really am so fearful of. Even now as I write this I’m stuck in bed feeling like an old woman. Scared about my scan as my liver is apparently not good and I don’t know who to turn to what to think what’s going to happen when I see the specialist about the nature of what I have.

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