Hey everyone I'm sorry if this is a duplicate story.

Rheumatoid nodules

I've got a nodule on my ankle and it's pinkish and color. Tender to the touch.

I've had it building up for the last few days and finally got the doctor. He's out, so the PA recommended 20mg a day of prednisone.

Now let you know that I have course have had swelling on my fingers on toes and elbows and wrists and hands ... that doesn't even allow me to send them from flares.

Very difficult since my job requires me to use my hands as I'm sure most of us too.

Explaining RA symptoms is exhausting

And people see my fingers or elbow braces or knees wrapped up and wonder why are your fingers wrapped ... duh.

Because these areas hurt and this is the only thing I can do to continue working and making a living to exist it's so frustrating at my office no one seems to understand at all and a lot of people have OA and immediately they jump into how they have it and how it hurts.

And then you have to explain to them that it's not the same thing and that you also have OA it just becomes a mishmash of explanations when you're just trying to move along through your workday ... any thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you my fellow RA Warriors. Wishing everyone a good today and a better tomorrow☮❤Nodule on inside right ankle

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