Not the age, it's the mileage.

I'm 61 years of age, retired Navy, was at one time a heavy drinker (just said I was retired Navy). Anyhow, I was DX with RA in 2011, indicated by my markers. I had been having some problems with my shoulder, wrists, knees, and elbows since about 1999. I thought it was all due to my lifestyle, a couple of violent car crashes, and 7 years of hanging sheetrock. Was injured on the job in 2003 while hanging sheetrock, compressed disks at c-4,5,6. After I was DX in 2011 I was prescribed Sulfazine and folic acid. I self terminated the treatment, just got tired of labs every 6-8 weeks. This year about Feb/Mar I was having more frequent spells with wrists. Finally saw Rheumy and was prescribed Methotrexate. He told me for someone with marker this high, my joints were in good shape, I was lucky, but he said it was a time bomb. So here I am, more than a little bit concerned about this Methotrexate and its side effects. I stay pretty active, eat pretty healthy for the most part, and I enjoy a few beers, which would average about 2 per week or less over a year’s time. I am an ex smoker, quit in 2010.

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