"Your RA is not that bad"

I was diagnosed in 1998. Fatigue and constant joint and body pain followed by a diagnosis of Parvovirus. That illness flipped the RA switch...also fibromyalgia diagnosis. I had to be put on permanent disability in 2005. I have been on many meds, Humira, Enbrel, Remicade, and methotrexate. Many help but short term. I take prednisone low dose daily, pain meds, anti-depressant. Fast forward, recently had Vectra blood work done to measure disease activity. Test came back with moderate disease activity. I basically have it worse in my knees (steroid injections every couple of months and fluid drained). Anyway my rheumatologist feels I'm not that sick where I need new meds...went to him this past Friday in pain, swollen knees, in tears, still feels I'm good with only meds and adding Celebrex. Frustrated lately... any suggestions?

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