Not sure about RA

In January 2015, I was stricken with a sudden unexplained soreness in all of my joints and most muscles below my shoulders this lasted about a week till I could see my provider who put me on 30mg prednisone for 3 days with step therapy. Well all the pain went away almost immediately but after lab work my rheumatoid factor came in at 3700 but since that one episode I have not had so much as a blip of joint or muscle pain anywhere. I have a Rheumatologist she had me do a bone density test which came back as bones of a 30 yr. old (I'm 66) she put me on 10mg leflunemide daily but all that did was to suppress my immune system to where I’ve had 5 bronchial infections and a bout of pneumonia in the last 5 months. Now I’m off that med and on sulfasalazine which started to make my facial skin flake off so that’s on hold going to try it at a lower dose next week. Personally, I question whether I even have RA because I have no symptoms. Indeed some feedback if it's normal or possible to go 2yrs symptom free or are there other related problems at play here. Please give me some feedback your opinions and expertise in dealing with this disease can help me greatly. Thank You

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