Not yet diagnosed

Hello! My PCP referred me to a rheumatologist due to joint pain, swelling, fatigue and blood work showed muscle inflammation that didn’t improve with steroids.
When I went to my first appointment I was very disappointed with the lack of care I received. She told me that my blood work was not abnormal for someone with my body mass. She suggested weight watchers and a sleep study. She didn’t examine me except to check my reflexes and with that my left leg didn’t even budge. She did an X-ray of my right hand which showed degeneration at the thumb joint. Then she said my vitamin D was low, so put me on that and 750mg of an antiflammatory twice a day. Need to return in a month. I felt horrible and ashamed of my weight and do not want to return.
Should I accept her opinion and continue to suffer or should I get a second opinion?

In the beginning of the year I did do weight watchers and lost 30 pounds but it was the exercising that was so difficult and the pain it caused. I kept thinking no pain no gain but it never improved.


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