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Not yet diagnosed

Hello! My PCP referred me to a rheumatologist due to joint pain, swelling, fatigue and blood work showed muscle inflammation that didn’t improve with steroids.
When I went to my first appointment I was very disappointed with the lack of care I received. She told me that my blood work was not abnormal for someone with my body mass. She suggested weight watchers and a sleep study. She didn’t examine me except to check my reflexes and with that my left leg didn’t even budge. She did an X-ray of my right hand which showed degeneration at the thumb joint. Then she said my vitamin D was low, so put me on that and 750mg of an antiflammatory twice a day. Need to return in a month. I felt horrible and ashamed of my weight and do not want to return.
Should I accept her opinion and continue to suffer or should I get a second opinion?

In the beginning of the year I did do weight watchers and lost 30 pounds but it was the exercising that was so difficult and the pain it caused. I kept thinking no pain no gain but it never improved.

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  • ldpnn8
    2 years ago

    Find Another Doc ASAP!! You do not need to be disrespected and kicked while you are already down. I say this as a plus size lady. After you get someone who will listen and not jump to the weight conversation in the first few minutes, I would call and tell her exactly why I decided to take my health needs and green money tovsomeone

  • jen2017 author
    2 years ago

    Thank you! Getting my second opinion on 11/28! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Darene
    1 year ago

    Find another Rheumatologist who will do a thorough exam, run blood tests for every type autoimmune disease, and help get you a diagnosis. WebMd is a great site, also with information on autoimmune diseases and the differences between them and diseases like Osteoarthritis that are not.

    Steroids harm muscles and soft tissues. The best thing for muscle inflammation is balanced exercise, rest, heat and cold therapy.

    If you cannot locate a Rheumatologist nearby, you may need to travel,some. But it will be worth it.

  • ldpnn8
    2 years ago

    To someone who has a brain.

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