Once I was superman

I had always been an extremely physically active person. You name it I have done it for hard work, Iron work, mechanic (car and tractor trailer), have also done fire wood for a living. 12 years or so ago I developed skin problems with my feet. Podiatrists (hope I spelled that right) said I had a fungal infection. Dermatologists said it was on my feet so I should go to a foot doctor. A lot of bad years there because of misdiagnosis. In 2012 I moved to Germany with my fiancee and our daughter. I finally found a good dermatologist, and after a year of treatments was able to walk right for the first time in years. Then the joint pain started late 2015. In one year I have gone from being able to do amazing things to the point where getting out of bed is a feat of strength in itself. In Feb. 2016 I was diagnosed with psoriatic RA. Have gone from mtx, to leflunomide (? on sp) to enbrel. Not sure if any of it helps. Man it hit fast. Not sure what to make of everything. I feel like once there was nothing I couldn't do, and now there is nothing I can do.

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